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Some Like It Happy hopes to give strength to its readers, a strength that may have been lost along the way.

A native Oregonian and as of two years ago, a fully fledged New Yorker. Moving to New York to attend an acting school, Annie Behrens (I'm writing this and I will occasionally type in 3rd person to feel important) attained a confidence to pursue any passion she (told ya) had. Comedy and making people happy are her two favorite past times. I combined the two and TA DA! Some Like It Happy was born.

I have always felt a need to help and guide others. I have been trained in youth crisis management and youth mental health and not just through my own experience. I volunteered at Youthline in Portland from ages 15 to 18. I answered calls, texts, chats and emails from kids and teens alike, as they were in distress and I was able to find them short-term and long-term solutions.

I was unlucky enough to have my own bout with mental health issues but also lucky enough to have received treatment starting with a therapist at 11 years old. I had my own hike throughout most of my adolescence into adulthood. But with every battle she gained a new expertise as well as a bunch of stories that she wants to share with all of you.

In sharing these vulnerable experiences she hopes to bring healing words to her readers. She firmly believes in living a healthy life inside and out. Some Like It Happy promotes emotional and physical wellness through a variety of topics and situations.

Although her writing is mostly geared towards a female audience, she believes that these articles can be applied to any reader.

INSTAGRAM : @anniebehrens // @somelikeithappy