Finding Your Fitspo

Getting back into to the exercise saddle is something that's never been easy. Finding someone to look up to in terms of lifestyle has always helped me. However, many of us get caught up in an idea of what our bodies should look like. It took me a long time to realize that I will never be able to wear clothes like the mannequins do. I have an ass, c-cups and a tummy that don't permit clothes named 'skinny' anything. I'm totally fine with that. I'm not necessarily 'curvy' per se but it certainly helps to have that in mind when jean shopping. FUCK CRYING IN DRESSING ROOMS. 

PSA: Stop worrying about trends and find clothes that make you feel and look DAMN good!

I'm a west coast gal so I have always been enamored with the beach/surf lifestyle. I keep up with the WSL and I love seeing all of the women out there with such strong bodies. There was a transitioning point for me when I forgot about being skinny and losing weight but instead made my ambition to gain muscle and exude health. I wanted to work to see definition in my triceps (which I do see on a day) and my quads. I found inspiration in women who found health and happiness in their lives AND women who's body type is something like mine! Fuck that WaistTrainer thing though. 

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My mother has advised me to think "Kim Kardashian" when I dress myself. I have the proportions (not to such an extent) but the waist to ass ratio is ever present in my case. I should show that off! I find inspiration in Kim because she is always herself and does whatever she does because it makes her happy. You can see her workouts on her Snapchat and DAMN. She works for what she's got!

I am a huge fan of Sage Erickson. She's a professional surfer and I'm pretty sure she's also a professional smiler. She looks like she eats pineapple everyday and sunshine comes out of her hair. I find Sage's lifestyle very inspiring. As I mentioned earlier, I'm still a beach bum in the city. Keeping up with Erickson's life on Instagram gives me a boost during gloomy city day and is about the closest I get to an 'ojai', get it? No? That's fine. 

I admire strong women. One's that are strong both emotionally and ones that show off their triceps. 

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The key to finding your fitspo is acknowledging YOUR body type. Your body is yours, own it, love it, nourish it. 

Who's your fitspo? Drop it in the comments! (Are they working yet wtf)

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