So, You're Saying There's A Chance? (To Stay On Track During the Holiday's)

The holiday season is here and now we have loads of bread, chocolate, cheese and decadent meals ahead of us. Regardless of the holidays you celebrate or don’t celebrate, temptations arise when it comes to our grumbling tummies from November through January.

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If you would like to maintain your hard work during this season then you must know that it’s all about MINDSET. If you maintain the priority of bettering yourself and keeping your positive attitude, staying disciplined will be much easier.

Disciplining yourself is not a punishment. Discipline doesn’t mean “NO COOKIES”, it means “not as many cookies”. It doesn’t mean you need to go to bed hungry, but it does mean that you might not eat so much you have to lie on the floor because you’re so full. I’ve been there. And I couldn't get up.

There some things you can do to adjust your mindset that will benefit you through this season and into the new year.

Before we dive into my list of tips, I want to make something very clear from the start; if you would truly like to keeping rocking it during the holiday season -- SET REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. If you tell yourself that you’re “NEVER going to eat bread or chocolate or candy canes or meat or anything with salt in it or drink alcohol or yell at your mom for no reason; there is a 99% chance that you will do those things. How many times has someone told you not to do something and then that becomes the only thing you want to do?

Here’s the thing, you will eat chocolate. You will eat bread with cheese. You will probably miss the gym a few times during this break, You might have too much eggnog or just vodka because you’re probably around your family. Speaking of, you will yell at one of your family members. If you don’t, one probably yelled at you. So yeah, you’re gonna drink. Don’t set yourself up for failure but set yourself up for discipline


1. Holidays ≠ Food

    The holidays are food-crazy.

I don’t think people have forgotten “what it’s all about” but it’s worth noting that this is a good time to focus on family and friends and the time you have off to even just watch TV. I tend to dislike any person who comes in all high and mighty saying things like, “Well, that’s not what the holidays are all about. They’re about…” BLAH BLAH BLAH. So, if your goal is to keep it tight or just like kinda tight (i.e. Annie Behrens) then make your priority at parties or family dinners or gatherings, to be about the gathering or the party, the conversations. Let those feed you! Don’t skip the good stuff all together though. Please. Like I said, it’s not “NO COOKIES”, it’s just leaving some for Santa.

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2. Me & Mr. Smith Machine

    I know, you’re waking up in the bed you slept in when you were a kid and you never got up for the gym then. But now, you’ve gone through too much at the gym to lose that hard work. The holiday spirit lies within you all year, building it’s energy. It knows, this 20-something needs this power to KEEP GOING!

3. Adult Winter Break

We are usually lucky enough to have a few days off during the holidays. If you can organize your indulgences, your holidays won’t be full of guilt! For example, indulge for one meal of the day. For breakfast; pumpkin pancakes + whipped cream. Or for lunch, a big sandwich OR you can have a plate serving up a big helping of any and every dish that was brought to the party. OR the entire box of candy canes. Just be sure to choose one meal a day to indulge on and be ready to start all over the next morning!


    Drink 500 mL of water right when you wake up. A glass before every meal. It will make you feel fuller throughout the meal so you won’t overindulge. You will eat a much healthier portion. And water is like, really good.

5. The Odd One Out

    Amongst the plates of cookies, toffee, chips and dips-- there will be vegetables. Find them. Run to them. Dip them, if need be. If you have to, pretend cucumbers are chips and carrots are Cheetos. Or dip them in some sort of something SO much, that you don’t even know what vegetable it is. Whatever you need to do, get those greens!

6. It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Cocktails

“It’s just empty calories”

First of all, those are my favorite kind of calories.

Eggnog, whiskey sours, candy cane coolers and so on… we gotta keep these drinks to a minimum if you’d like to keep up with your work. They keep us so warm but so do scarves. This is the part where I encourage scarves, gloves and fuzzy socks over alcohol.

Have one drink though. Or two. Not three. Maybe later.

7. Zzzzzz’s

    There’s ~nothing~ better than a good night’s sleep. As much as I would like to watch ‘Elf’ eight times in a row, into the early morning, I would rather return the knock off Louis Vuitton’s that live under my eyes.

    If we keep up our good work at the gym and don’t sleep enough, the gym work is a waste. “Being sleep-deprived impacts the hormones that control appetite, urging you to snack—and prompting you to reach for quick energy, aka highly caloric sugary and fatty foods. Lack of sleep can also slow down your metabolism and simply leave you with too little energy to work out.”

ANNIE’S NOTE: We all know that you don’t remember the nights that you got a good night’s sleep. So, if you’d like to stay on track or look somewhat refreshed in your holiday photos just stick to drinking plenty of water and eating your veggies, at the very least.
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