Get a Move On!

It's so wonderful living in New York for a multitude of reasons! One of my favorites is that I can walk anywhere and everywhere. I could walk the island of Manhattan in a day, if I wanted to which I really don't. I like being active everyday however I can. Being able to walk everywhere is a blessing and a curse, I do get more exercise than the average person but I, personally, get tricked into thinking that walking was enough exercise for me that day. 

My day begins around 6 when I have a quick snack and go for a run. I'm back around 7/7:30 to eat a bigger breakfast and get going with my day. But these past two weeks have been jam-packed. I graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts on the 17th. My family was here and I got to see all my friends shows. It was a very good kind of busy. But it left me exhausted and unwilling to get up at 6 am. And by the end of the day, I was too tired for the same reasons! And losing muscle! Curses!

I'm now settling into a new schedule that is requiring me to be an adult. Eyeroll.

It's a great feat to finally motivate yourself to workout consistently. Once one loses that consistency either by schedule, events that transpire or other reasons, there's a laziness that enters our minds.

I thought that since I had that consistency, I could take some time off. And it would be okay with my body. This is not the best idea. Especially for women, we fluctuate (weight) more often and more obviously than men. It's so great!

Our next mission is to re-motivate ourself. Lets get CONSISTENT! C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-T!

Now, how does one do this? These are the SIX WAYS I've found most effective for myself when I lose my consistency.


I think broccoli and pineapple are some of God's greatest gifts to man. The best way to get mind ready for a workout is to start with what I put into my body. A bright salad or smoothie is sure to get you ready for strength and cardio! As much as I love bread, I'd rather put peanut butter on a banana before I put it on toast. I believe that truly makes a difference in your workout.


Put on your sports bra and your sneakers right when you get out of bed! Now you're almost there and there's no excuse.


Have someone hold you accountable for your attendance and perseverance! It could also help to have some friendly competition. Before you consider this, make sure you are in the mental state that you can handle friendly competition in a fitness-geared environment. Encouragement should come from both parties. Make sure to choose the right person and be the right person for them.


Did you want to create a healthier lifestyle? Good reason. Did you want to gain physical and emotional endurance? Good reason. Did you want to find an outlet for stress in a beneficial way? Super duper. Did you want to drop x-amount of lbs. when you don't need to? HALT. This journey is not about getting skinnier. In fact it's about gaining rather than losing. Gain muscle, strength, endurance and happiness.


I'm so on top of my shit, I already wrote an article about finding your FITSPO. "Wow, thank you, Annie. You're my best friend."


I'm not a doctor even though I do have horrific penmanship. Consult someone with an M.D. before pursuing an exercise or diet regimen. What I write here is purely opinion.