Don't Call Me 'Shirley'

Being a west coast-er at heart; I have some long plane rides back home that result in, what I call 'tired-tears'. I usually take the red-eye because it's the most convenient flight but it leaves me drowsy and quite frankly, I look like I just got off a red-eye. 

Now being a pro at these 5-7 hour flights, I've figured out exactly what I need for this overnight-er. I like to stay productive and healthy with something that would interfere with my environment and agenda. 

Pro Tip for Long Plane Rides into Different Timezones:

Sleep is one of my most favorite things in the world. I try to track how much I sleep each night to see if it's a solid 7 hours. If I only get 5-6 (which happens more than it should) I'm very disappointed in myself. It's like a game. If I hit 8 hours, I flip a giggy. I truly don't want to mention what happens if I get 9-10 hours. 

If you know about your trip early on, I would recommend that during the week before you adjust your sleep schedule slowly towards the time zone you will be flying into. 

Essentials for any trip:

SOCKS + Sweater. California to Hawaii to Bali, no matter the climate, it will get chilly up there. For maximum comfort, dig out a sweatshirt that will keep you cozy. I have a few hoodies that can double as a pillow and blanket. I'm full-burrito. 

LOTION: The air is pretty dry at 30,000 feet, I highly recommend investing in those 3.4 fl oz travel bottles and fill it with your favorite moisturizer. I LOVE Pacifica. It's one of my all-time favorite cruelty free brands.

I recommend the Indian Coconut Nectar Super Hydrating Hand Cream. It's also within the TSA size requirements for your carry-on.

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CASH: Pretty obvious, but always carry cash when you travel.

PORTABLE CHARGER: Your phone will die. It's one of life's guarantees. If you're on a long flight or one with one or more connections, I highly recommend getting yourself a portable charger. Some airports are stingy with outlets so you might as well be better safe than sorry so you're not stranded. Somehow pay phones do still exist and if you do end up having change and courage then bring along some disinfectant wipes.

BOOKS: Your phone will die. It's one of life's guarantee's. Sure, charge it. Or, if you don't necessarily have to call anyone and you know when your next flight is or are just so fucking done with 1010! Pick up a book, magazine, newspaper, the inflight menu or SkyMall.

CHANGE OF CLOTHES: Or at least some extra undergarments. Sometimes there are emergencies that don't require inflatable slides. 

FIDGET SPINNER: If you know, you know.


What would you add to this list?


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