Lip Action

It takes me an extra 15 minutes to get home as I spend that time perusing the lipstick section at any given CVS. I’m not a fan of wearing a full face everyday but I had a thought ladt week, about what it would be like to wear lipstick everyday.

It’s my favorite part of applying makeup, so I thought, why not make it the only part?

Here's what happened:

A classic pose for lil' Miss Me. I felt very good about Monday. The lipstick didn't give me a huge boost because I think the rainy weather bummed me out. But as the sun went down, it didn't bother me as much. I don't think that the lipstick did much for me today. But it was a lighter color and a lightweight texture so that is also a variable that came into play. 

I have a very casual job. It's not an easy job but I don't have to put much effort into my appearance while I work. So when I put lipstick on, I feel more productive. I feel an obligation to live up to my lipstick and maintain a hardworking attitude and get things done. I get so many things done that I MUST reapply. 

On Wednesday, I needed a pick-me-up, although I had a good workout (which will ALWAYS improve your mood), I didn't get enough sleep so I was pretty cranky. But I was able to give myself a 'Taxi Driver'-style pep talk, put on some matte lipstick and kiss that sourpuss Annie, GOODBYE.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 1.05.17 PM.png

Thursday, I woke up with two, wonderful, painful, red zits. They were super close to each other, too! It's like I put red lipstick on but totally missed my mouth. On these days, we need, we beg, we hope for the confidence that lipstick might give us. Although a hot shower took care of my skin, the lipstick helped me finish my newsletter efficiently and early. 

Tonight, Friday, I get to go out. I'm such a homebody and a workaholic that I rarely allow myself time to relax. So, being an a somewhat rare situation, I need to hype myself up. Which means red lipstick. 

Now we wait...


Overall, the lipstick didn't change much about my day-to-day confidence. It was an interesting "solution" when I was tired or bummed or anything other than happy. So, if anything, it doesn't do any damage.

I do encourage you to try different things (not necessarily makeup) to see if it helps you boost your confidence daily.