Like A Record, Baby: Spin Class Know-Before-You-Go

Now, that I'm no longer a beginner at spin but not yet a professional, I'll consider myself an expert in how one should prep for your first class or maybe it's your second or 10th. If it is your tenth class and you are just now reading this; you have been doing it all wrong. 

See! Not even an ounce of sweat. 

See! Not even an ounce of sweat. 

  1. Why not reuse clothes you just worked out in? You should always wear already-sweat-in-clothing. It will stick to your body much quicker so you don’t need to worry about flimsy clothing flying everywhere. Fun fact: old sweat that sticks into the fibers of the clothing actually turns into a sweating wicking material. It’s like a cast iron skillet, you have to season it. If you just workout in the same clothes every time, you won’t feel an ounce of sweat on your body!

  2. Always challenge yourself. Studios often have cycling shoes to rent or you can buy your own. Clipping into a bike to stay still? Might as well be taking steroids. Take out your Nikes that you haven’t worn in 3 months, slip those on and try and stay on the pedals. THAT’S the real workout.

  3. To avoid a boob falling out in the middle of class, forego a sports bra and shirt completely.

  4. Bring a Monster energy drink instead of water. You will be hydrated and sprinting faster than anyone but above all, you’ll look cool.

  5. Feeling faint? Don’t stop… without announcing to the whole class that you need to take a break and that they need to pause the music and wait for you to feel better.

  6. In class, you’re in prime flatulation position. You need to be prepared to let one slip but there’s a positive to this combustion; according to “physics” when you flatulate you’re blown forward which will, in turn, make you go faster. You will be faster than the instructor, as long as you eat an entire can of black beans for dinner the night before.

  7. If you decided to wear spin shoes, then you will need help unclipping or dismounting from the bike. What made me a successful “unclipper” at the end of my first class was not knowing exactly how to unclip. I actually managed to un-velcro the spin shoes and and fall right off my bike and on to the person who was on the bike next to me. I then proceeded to throw a full-on tantrum during post-spin stretch time. Point is, just leave your shoes on the bike’s pedals.

  8. Once you've burned 100's of calories, please make sure to hydrate with a milkshake. You don't need to lose that many calories as they are essential to your wellbeing. Your body needs dairy and sugar to keep your bones strong and your torso girth-y.  It's recommended that you eat/drink more calories than you lose.

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