I Want You To Get Bangs

When I started “Some Like It Happy”, I wanted to write about the mistakes I have made and those I continue to make so that you, my readers, wouldn’t have to.  

You wouldn’t have to deal with the aftermath and the crying and the dry heaving on the phone to family and friends. . I wanted you to avoid that. But the reason I can write these pieces is because I’ve learned from these mistakes and just because you read what I write doesn’t mean you learn anything.

I want you to cut your bangs.

Bangs are (almost) never a good idea. Once you’ve done this, I’ll tell you how to style them.

I love this photo of Claire and myself but I hated the bangs.

I love this photo of Claire and myself but I hated the bangs.

Are you understanding me? Does that make sense? Is it a terrible metaphor or the greatest one you’ve ever heard?

I want to give you advice during the aftermath. I want to style your bangs, make them easier to deal with. I will give you barrettes, bobby pins and hair ties.

And if you look hot as hell with bangs, brava! You’ve taken a risk and it’s worked for you. Take more. Love them and learn from them.

We often forget that life is the greatest experiment and experience. I’m so elated by waking up everyday, even if it’s a terrible day. I get to wake up again tomorrow (God willing). This shit is too good to let little things ruin us, we can let them shape us. But we are not our mistakes.

We are how we style our bangs.


Annie Behrens