Who's Left?

Yesterday afternoon (11/27), I received a series of troubling notifications. From the New York Times, Vox, CNN, the Wall Street Journal and the source of them all, the Washington Post. Every kind of news outlet was reporting on this. Independent networks as well as the big boys like the NYT’s.

    It was reported that a woman contacted the Washington Post regarding Roy Moore. She alleged that she and Moore had a sexual relationship when she was 15 and that she had become pregnant and that Moore had “talked her into an abortion and that he drove her to Mississippi to get it.”

    From further investigation into the inconsistencies into this claim, it was proven to be false and that it was a ‘sting’ operated by Project Veritas.

    Project Veritas is a tax exempt “charity” which “investigates” and “exposes” corruption in the public and private sector and their respective institutions. Or just a white guy (James O’Keefe), a tax-exempt white guy, screaming, “FAKE NEWS”.

    The goal of this “sting” was to discredit a mass media outlet (The Washington Post; which I’m sure we can all agree is a credible news source), discredit the accusers of Roy Moore as well as any woman who has come forward with her story of sexual assault. A woman did this. Another woman tried to discredit thousands of other women, survivors. She tried to discredit survivors.

Via Uproxx

Via Uproxx

    We got angry. Everyone got angry. People took to social media (when do we not?) to express the outrage. News outlets outed, if you will, the bullshit operation put on by O’Keefe. In the wise words of my hero, Michael Scott, “We cannot let the pedophile win, again!” Season 6 was a good one.

I’ve just reiterated a lot of the scary news you’ve read recently. You’ve been reading about terrible people doing terrible things. It will get to us. And thank God it does! If this didn’t rile us up, there would be another issue. But we are getting angry. We see headlines about the terrible people but now, more than ever before, the comment section is a little safer. People are angry together. We’re all really done with the shit we read about.

Here’s what I am trying to reassure you of-- there has been and there will always be more good people than bad. But the bad people just get more press. Headlines will continue to anger us for a little longer but soon, I have no doubt that those headlines will become about the good guys. The good guys are angry and we’re getting stronger. Everyday. Our work is not done.

No great triumph comes without an uphill battle.


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