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Let’s count how many times I never completed a New Year's resolution. Actually, let’s not. I’m sure that anxiety carries with a lot of us when we reach that new year. What’s the point? We’ve never completely changed our ways starting on January 1st. And December 31st of the same year, we are often not too impressed with ourselves as we are leaving resolutions once spoke, unaccomplished in the fleeting year.

    What if we’re going about this the wrong way?

Okay, not “what if”. We are going about New Year’s resolutions the wrong way.

    We get so much done during the school year. When we finally reach winter break and we think back to September or August like it was another century ago. We remember how many problems we solved and essays we wrote in those months. We remember how much we accomplished because of the deadlines.

     A few times in our academic career we receive an assignment months in advance. This deadline, doesn’t read as a deadline but rather a warning. It’s coming but don’t worry just yet. This might be a deadline two months in advance. What if we gave ourselves a deadline of 365 days from today? Would you really worry about it?

    “Oh I still have 11 months to get it done.”

     “I have to get it done by December, 6 months is plenty of time.”

      If you don’t start day 1, you’re already behind.

    Give yourself shorter deadlines. Beginning January 1- February 28, I will have read 7 books I have never read before. Thus completing a resolution to read more and prompting a new habit.

    I’ve read time and time again that it takes 21 days to create a new habit or drop one. It’s tried and true in my life. I didn’t eat artificial sugar of any kind for 21 days, a few years ago. First week was filled with headaches (yes, I was that addicted), the second week there were cravings and the 3rd week was much brighter. I didn’t crave it at all. I was feeling lighter and fresher and much happier.

     I wanted to try the 21-day thing again. This next time, I only ate artificial sugar for 21 days to see if it would become and new habit. Lo and behold, I’m going 3 years strong on an only sugar diet. My donut-guy is making a fortune from me. 

    From March 1- March 17, I will run a mile everyday. This is possible, I promise. Then March 18-April1, I will run 2 miles everyday, (Again, completely possible) and so on…

    You must create deadlines within the year to make a real and positive change in your life. Make goals in quarters, trimesters, semesters work too but I, personally, think it’s too long, too. These goals can happen at the same time. We can run a mile then read for an hour in the same day and finish these goals around the same time, too.

    One year to do one thing, is too long and too little.  We have the capability to do more. We have the capability to be more.

We have the capability to be the best version of ourselves. Just try.

I use this super fabulous planner by and it truly allows me a fashionable way to get shit done.

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What are your resolutions?

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