The Charities To Know About For This Giving Season

As we navigate through the giving season, we must remember who is in need of our helpful hands. The internet has made really sad and scary videos available at a moment’s notice so that’s either causing our hearts to fill with sympathy or we have become so numb to the misfortunes of others that we turn a blind eye BUUuuUUT, I’m sure that’s not you. The less fortunate, be it animal or human, regardless of species, need their fellow Earth-inhabitants to help! Here are some of my favorites that you are able to donate to.

I heard a story about a woman who saved every penny she ever earned and bought a house in the Hills in LA. If you have been following the news the past week, Los Angeles is being destroyed, 2012-style. The devil puked in the forest there. To help the victims of the fires, there are options to donate and volunteer. It would be silly for me to lay them out all over again when the San Luis Obispo Tribune has laid our options out beautifully.

Did you all see the National Geographic video of the starving polar bear? Are you fucking kidding me? Are. You. KIDDING. ME?! We have GOT to keep those guys around. This organization is called Polar Bears International. I would truly like polar bears to become an international animal. Preferably, they would be elected to congress.

On Charity Navigator, the Animal Welfare Institute has an overall score of 92/100. PETA has an 84. Guess which one I am going to recommend? AWI is out to protect animals from harm caused by humans. You can learn more about the Institute below;

A charity that provides great access to resources, immediate help and crisis lines for sexual abuse survivors is RAINN. A charity that I donate to (As does Ben Affleck. I guess he deserves some credit) It’s a leading organization helping survivors and will always need donations to keep doing this amazing work.

I recently stumbled upon the Beagle Freedom Project on Instagram and immediately yelped, “GIVE ME A FREE BEAGLE” upon seeing their name. BFP dedicates their time to draw attention to how animals are treated in a laboratory setting and to promote cruelty-free lifestyle choices (i.e. the only lifestyle choices you should be making).

Dove Lewis means so much to every pet owner in Oregon. Even as I look at their website right now, my heart started beating a little faster. I remember when we took Barley, our Rottweiler-Austrailian Shepard rescue pooch there a few more times than we would have liked. That winter, we did lose him despite the incredible efforts from the Dove Lewis family. We all owe them the sincerest 'thanks'.


If you aren’t able to donate a lump sum, that’s okay and they will understand. I will let them know. If you are able to rummage up all your loose change, that will be appreciated wherever you can give it.

Remember to always take your reusable bags to the grocery store.Take in stray pets. Only buy from cruelty free brands. Donate the cans in your pantry. Don’t wear fur. Make a card.  Don’t be an asshole.  Tell people you love them.

Where do you plan on donating?

Merry Christmas




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