WTN: why the name?

If I had to choose which was more difficult, choosing a name for your blog or your baby, I would pick naming a blog. I stand by this because I've never had a child and because I can't rely on a backlog of family blog names that have been passed down to each generation. 

Some Like It Happy was a surprise, much like I was to my parents (kidding?). I had been rummaging through names of different fruits and synonyms for 'happy' that i could attach to my name and make it sound creative like, Annie's Smiling Lemon. Which sounds like something I would only try with a group of friends that I really trust.

I was home for Christmas and my mom and I were brainstorming names in the kitchen (she has a blog and is a much better writer than I am-- if you need proof, somethingfathappened.wordpress.com) and we were spewing out these horrific seedlings that ultimately blossomed into my, unknowingly, joking "hey, some like it happy!". Obviously a play on the 1959 Billy Wilder classic, "Some Like It Hot". If you haven't seen it, stop reading this and WATCH IT.

I'm a classic Hollywood nerd and it's one of the only things that I will fight to be right about. What's that you hear? Oh, it's an early Sinatra recording of "Night and Day" from the 40's which is why it doesn't totally sound like him. But it is. It is him. It's Frank. Don't fight me on this stuff because that's when my bark turns into a bite. 

ANYWAY, my mother and I paused and looked at each other for just a moment and started laughing like nobody's business. 

"WE DID IT!" It was one of those moments that you try and describe in your first blog post but then it doesn't go well but you keep talking about it.

You had to be there. But now you're here! I'm so happy you are. I'll be posting regularly about things that I think pertain to what makes us and could make us happy.