Queens go to Queens

In desperate need of some R&R, some dear friends and I ventured to Rockaway Beach in Queens, NY.

A far away land that one must take the L train and the A train to. An exciting excursion that result in aching tummies from laughing so hard.

It took less than an hour to get there and it was well worth it. I had always tried to plan trips (mostly in my head) to different places in New York and up and down the East Coast but sometimes the relaxation you desire is closer than you think.

VSCO Cam-2.jpg

The best smiles are from the people you love the most. 

Find your peace at home. Look for places around you that might have gone unnoticed cause you didn't think it was far away enough.

We all deserve a day-vay-cay every once in awhile. With finals coming up or school coming to an end, a little time in the sun, an art class or a new restaurant. By all means, take the person that makes you laugh more than anyone else you know!

A vacation doesn't mean spending tons of money going to an island, it just means taking a break from the ordinary. Do things that excite you and make you smile. That's what this life is all about, right?

Sometimes the best escape is the one right next door.