The Black Dress Non-Phenomenon

       I wear black often. I own a few black dresses. Some have sparkles. Some have funky straps. We wear black to funerals. So, at awards shows what are we doing when we wear black dresses? Mourning the loss of the careers or lives that could have been? Saying “sorry” for being complicit but you still want to be seen?

       Fashion is political. It’s a wonderful way to express feelings and individuality. There are so many statements to make with just a piece of fabric. But I’ve seen enough statements recently and those haven’t made anyone feel better.

       Here’s a statement you can make that will make a difference;

       Don’t go.

       Don’t go to the Golden Globes. Don’t go to the Oscars. Show everyone what it would be like if there were no women in Hollywood. No longer would they be able to see our contributions, our work, our art.

       The Golden Globes have always been the end game for me but until we recognize that these perpetrators can no longer be celebrated. Woody Allen could die tomorrow and I don’t want to see him in the ‘In Memoriam’ part of the show. Enough is enough. But a black dress or a pin is not enough.

       Why is there such a pushback against not going? Is this awards show so important to you that you can’t not show up? Is having your photo taken worth more than standing by the women who were hurt by so many people who win those very same awards? Did you get into this business for the awards? The publicity?

       A photo in a black dress that will show up in a slideshow on that shows all the people that wore black in honor of the survivors but still went to the shows that rewarded them for years?

       DON’T GO.


 Annie, you’re a trained actor-- if you were invited, wouldn’t you go?

       Nope. I wouldn’t. Not until we’re truly committing to a change.

       And God knows that I am not going to put on my finest pantsuit for a shitshow in Los Angeles.

       In the post-Weinstein era, just statements are no longer tolerated, symbolism means close to nothing, we must take ACTION. We must see RESULTS.

       I urge you to take a stand against toxic Hollywood and forego this years award shows. Because even though I love this art form and the craft itself, we’re not surgeons.



Annie’s Note:
Time’s Up is a brand new legal defense league that I am thrilled to support (and you can too, here) but a pin at an award show still doesn’t show solidarity to me. It’s tone deaf. You may have read my story on my assault (here) and as a survivor, the "Black Dress Protest" is a slap in the face.
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